Cosmetic Dentist Procedures that Improve the Look of Gums

In typical situations, people visit a cosmetic dentist after deciding they want to improve the look of gums and the appearance of their teeth to get an attractive smile. The world of cosmetic dentistry has received significant attention recently.

This branch of dentistry deals with the aesthetics of the teeth, not only the functionality.

What do cosmetic dentists do?

Cosmetic dentists can solve issues with function and appearance. That said, they mainly focus on making sure your smile is as bright and beautiful as possible.

This means that their procedures focus more on the beauty of the mouth. Some treatments include contouring and reshaping the teeth, teeth whitening, veneer placement and teeth straightening with orthodontics.

Aside from these popular cosmetic dental procedures, some other treatments can target specific problems. The two procedures described below are designed to repair issues of the oral cavity but are currently being used to enhance the look of the gums.

Procedures to improve the look of gums

The cosmetic dentist is one of the few dental experts who can help when your gums have become detached from the teeth. When this disease occurs, it takes some time for the gums to separate from the teeth. This creates deep pockets around the tooth. The disease not only affects your smile and look unappealing, but it also creates a breeding ground for oral bacteria.

Crown Lengthening

It is tough to clean plaque lodged in the deep pockets, so it continues to build up. The only method of fixing this situation to have the pocket extracted. A cosmetic dentist usually offers this treatment.

The procedure is otherwise known as gingivectomy. It requires the administration of local anesthesia around the area to render the gums numb. Once the anesthesia kicks in, the dentist will extract the excess gum tissue pockets. They will also contour the gums, which would normally lose their shape during the procedure.

After the treatment, the gums will be covered with putty for protection so that they can heal. The dentist will also recommend an antibiotic before and after the procedure to prevent any risk of further infection.

Tissue sculpting

Tissue sculpting is also called gum reshaping. It is another cosmetic dentist procedure carried out to change the appearance of the gums. Usually, people may find out that their gum is too pronounced or too low on their teeth. This makes the smile look less attractive because it would appear too toothy or too gummy. In some cases, sculpting is purely cosmetic. In others, it can reduce sensitivity brought on by receding gums.

If the gums look too high due to gum recession, then the procedure becomes vital. The dentist will contour the gum using lasers, traditional scalpel surgery or radiosurgery. Usually, the treatment will be performed under local anesthesia, meaning the patient will not feel anything. These two procedures are beneficially for improving the health and look of the gums, and ultimately the smile.

Do you need cosmetic dentistry?

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