Simple Ways to Protect Teeth and Keep Your Smile Bright

Can you have perfect teeth without breaking the bank?

Humanity learned to protect teeth way before banking was ever invented. Keeping your teeth healthy and strong is all about prevention and maintenance. And keeping your teeth white is pretty easy too. Here's how to do it:

1. Maintain dental hygiene as recommended by a dentist

At the very least, the teeth should be brushed twice a day. And when possible, teeth should be brushed after every meal. If not at home, a person can rinse their mouth with warm water or alcohol-free mouthwash.

Flossing is also an important part of oral hygiene. It should be done at least once a day when a person has enough time and energy to do a thorough job.

Take time when brushing and flossing. Remember that in order to clean all the bad stuff in the mouth, the teeth should be brushed for no less than two minutes, with special attention paid to the tongue. Lastly, the toothbrush should be changed every three months to ensure it cleans effectively.

2. Eat foods that enhance oral health

Some foods make the teeth and the body healthier. Cheese lowers the level of acidity in the mouth, preventing the erosion of the enamel. Yogurt provides the teeth with calcium, which strengthens the jaw and enamel. It also provides beneficial bacteria that crowd out the mouth bacteria that cause plaque and cavities.

Munching on apples is actually a fun way of cleaning the teeth when brushing is not an option. Apples scrub the teeth and stimulate blood circulation in the gums. They help rinse away bacteria and food particles, since they have high water content and stimulate saliva production in the mouth.

3. Avoid foods and eating habits that are bad for the teeth

Sugary and acidic foods eat away at the enamel and encourage the growth of plaque. They should be eaten in moderation.

There is also a right and wrong way to snack on sugary foods. Eat sugary snacks in a sitting and be done with it. The saliva in the mouth will wash away the sugar, and the mouth bacteria will be none the wiser. Constant snacking will provide the bacteria with a steady supply of food. Well-fed bacteria can cause a great deal of mischief in the mouth.

4. Avoid things that stain the teeth

Coffee and cigarettes are the most common causes of stained teeth. Instead of making people take coffee out of their morning routines, how about switching that espresso for a latte instead? As for smoking, quitting will be hard but worth it.

5. See the dentist every six months

Why should anyone see the dentist if they have excellent dental hygiene? For the same reason people buy insurance: One just never knows.

The truth is, when a person goes to the dentist because they are in pain, it is usually too late, and a dental procedure will have to be done. Visit the dentist just to check in. Let them have a look at the teeth and clean them. In case of any dental health issue, there is no better early warning system than the dentist.

Taking care of your teeth costs next to nothing

Having good dental hygiene is as easy as combing your hair. Or doing your laundry. Or cleaning the house. Or going to the gym. It is just one of those things you do.

Ready to see a dentist?

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